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High added value advice and a personalized contact with each of our clients. Afschrift Tax & Legal aims at the best results, with the way.

Welcome to AFSCHRIFT Tax & Legal

We have been representing and defending our clients for almost 30 years. While keeping innovative, we assist both individuals and companies.
Our team is made up of lawyers specialized in multiple disciplines to meet your expectations in the fields of taxation, VAT, management of assets, donations and inheritance, commercial contracts, and business law, and a few other aeras. We are committed to giving you the best!

Typhanie Afschrift
Senior Partner

A Team of Versatile Specialists

Afschrift Tax & Legal requires its lawyers to offer our clients personalized relationships and quality advice. Your lawyer must assist you in all situations where his tax and other skills are required. Therefore, all our lawyers are versatile and knowledgeable in all aspects of the law.

Our Lawyers are Both Advisors and Litigators

This expertise ensures the legal security of your operations and maximizes your chances of avoiding lawsuits or coming out unscathed.

Your Lawyer: Your Privileged Partner

From the initial contact between the lawyer and his client a lasting personal relationship is born. This relationship is built on mutual trust that grows stronger with time. We are your “trusted advisor”. Your lawyer knows you. If he understands your situation and your assets, he can answer all your tax and asset questions.

Active and Internationally Recognized

We also benefit from an established and reliable network of lawyers and tax specialists with whom we correspond all over the world. We have a branch office in Israel. AFSCHRIFT Tax & Legal is regularly awarded and recognized by international and local awards.

We have been recognized as “Best Tax Law Firm” in several jurisdictions. Our offices in Brussels, Luxembourg, Tel Aviv, Madrid, and Geneva have received dozens of awards in the field of tax law and financial criminal law.

Afschrift and the Bears

We have chosen the bear as a symbol of our vision of the tax lawyer profession for its strength, bravery, and benevolent image.

The bear has the reputation of being a powerful animal, relentless in defending its cubs and territory against intruders. As tax lawyers our role is to defend our clients and protect their assets against the state.

We do this with the same strength and energy as a bear defending her cubs.

Our services

Your lawyer is an advisor, strategist, advocate, and negotiator. Whether you are a business or an individual, your lawyer will provide you with the strategy and proposed solutions to your questions.

Inheritance Law

It is possible to anticipate tax and regulatory changes to limit the financial impact on your assets. A strategy implemented in time allows you to limit your risks and increase your tax gain. We optimize the management of your personal assets, possibly by creating structures and strategies that ensure the protection of your personal assets at both the civil and tax levels.
We help you to protect and clearly separate your private and professional assets.

Corporate and Business Tax Law

The tax law has been significantly revised and the way of approaching the tax strategy of companies has completely changed.
We can assist you in optimizing the structure and capital of your company. We can also plan and design your transfer strategy with you.
Afschrift is known for its innovation. We do not only propose “classic” solutions known by professionals and tax authorities. We also propose new solutions designed specifically for you and adapted to your objectives. We apply these solutions with absolute discretion and in compliance with the law.

Corporate Law and Restructuring

Afschrift offers multinationals and companies in-depth experience and expertise in local and international restructurings. Each project is specific and analyses legal and tax issues that require a thorough knowledge of the client’s business and needs, as well as regional and cross-border constraints. We understand your constraints and provide a professional analysis that considers the interests of shareholders, investors, decision-makers, managers, and clients. Our international presence allows us to accompany you efficiently throughout the world.

Tax Procedures

Obviously, from the outset, we have the absolute concern to avoid committing a criminal offence. Our advice is always oriented towards the choice of the least taxed option, in compliance with the law.
In the event of a dispute with the tax authorities, we can also consider negotiating an agreement to avoid prosecution. In criminal matters, we defend individuals and companies. When a conflict is imminent, many signals alert you. Having us on your side is the guarantee of the best defines from the start.
Our contribution includes a thorough and complete analysis of your situation. We will work with your accountant or financial department to develop a strategy to protect your interests. We will also advise and assist you in asserting your rights during a tax audit.

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